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About Us

The Stay Curious Collection was founded by Lauren Grier, cookbook author and owner of The Curious Plate, as a way to expand her mission of empowering your curious mind. 

Lauren Grier - Founder of The Curious Plate

After countless trials and tribulations in the kitchen, travels across the world experiencing the best flavors and ingredients, a cookbook, a kid, an English bulldog, and a marriage of almost 15 years, she has used her curiosity to grow as a person. Important lessons she has learned:

  • You can teach yourself anything
  • Taking risks is always valuable
  • Boldly following your sense of wonder will pay dividends
  • There is no other thrill like creating something from nothing
Lauren Grier - Founder of The Curious Plate
The Stay Curious Collection is a reflection of those life lessons learned. The collection is meant to FEED YOUR CURIOSITY and inspire you daily to be bold, empowering, and a lot curious.

You'll find inspiration in our apparel, home goods, and accessories. From our classic basic tee to our on-the-go tote bag to creative wall art, there is something to keep you inspired and always asking the preverbal, "Why?"

Join the Stay Curious movement and community. Show others how you are embracing your curiosity.

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